Where Love Is Illegal

Where Love is Illegal

D&O – Russia – “Hold my hand, this is my reward for your courage.”

Not-for-profit organisation, Witness Change, has created Where Love Is Illegal, a digital space for people from the queer community to share stories of discrimination and survival. Powerful portraits by award-winning photographer and human rights activist Robin Hammond accompany personal accounts of violence and resilience. The project is fuelled by the belief “that stories have the ability to connect people, transform opinions, open minds, and change policies.”

Where Love Is Illegal

Milli – South Africa – “I don’t want to write because I dont want to Remember, it makes me very angry. But most Importantly, I want to move forward.”

Several accounts from South Africa are a stark reminder of the constant danger that lesbians in the townships face every day.

Support the project by reading the stories, sharing them, contributing your own, or donating.

 Photos by Robin Hammond


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