Women On Sex is a South African 10-part web series that speaks #ThePhuckingTruth about women’s sexuality and the cultural binds that women the world over continue to struggle with.

“Content is still very much colonized in South Africa and the experiences of black women are usually filtered through a condescending white, male gaze. It is a narrative I want to disrupt.” – creator Mmabatho Montsho

A cast of bold, diverse and engaging women speak out about their personal stories and reflect on current attitudes towards sex.

These homegrown, outspoken episodes are a breath of fresh air. Stay tuned for the rest of the series…


EPISODE 1: Virginity

“Virginity in a man is frowned upon, but in a woman it is imposed. It is expected.”

“A man wants to know that, ‘This woman is going to be changed by me.'”

“The thing that really gets me about this is we have zoned in on a tiny space of biology in the body of a female and used that to define who she is in totality. All people inspect is that hole, whether she’s got that hymen or not. Nobody asks, ‘Who is this person? What are her concerns? (…) What are her aspirations?’ (…) Nobody really cares about who this person is. To me it’s a depersonalisation, an objectification of a human being.”


EPISODE 2: Emancipating the Vagina

“I grew up very scared of sex.”


EPISODE 3: The Weapon

“We’ve normalised that fear, that if you wear something short, you must know that you might get attacked.”

“Where I come from, sex is not about women. They’re not supposed to enjoy it. It’s about men. It’s about using women to relieve themselves. The more you are static and tense, the more he enjoys it.”

“The evolution of consent is for women to understand that these bodies are theirs. This is your space. It is for you to decide what you want and what you don’t want to happen in this embodied space.”


EPISODE 4: Money! Power! Sex!

“You’ll find people wanting incredibly nasty things done to them, because they feel like, ‘This is the only time where I don’t have to be strong.'”



EPISODE 5: School Me, Don’t Fool Me

“The messages we give out around sex are (…) mostly (..) negative. It’s about the don’ts around sex. No one every tells you about the dos and the good things (…). Those who grew up with empowered parents are very different people. And they’re probably more sexually expressive.”

“It would have been better if my mother had said to me, ‘Sex is a good thing.'”


EPISODE 6: The Fake Orgasm


“I think orgasm speaks to power. Sometimes you withhold an orgasm because you don’t want to let go of your power to this man, or to this woman.”

“When that facade and all that playing fades, and we’re both vulnerable, (…) and we’re willing to lose our power in each other, I think that’s a very healthy experience.”


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