Glitter Cake.3

Glitter Cake Quote 3neon pink vintage girl portrait glitter urban city koeksisters callmekoeksistergirl glitter neon night photography portraitIMG_7288_edited

I met Alix at a party. She was wearing glitter under her eyes. In the multicoloured lights, she reminded me of a Petra Collins photo. I’d been dying to put my photographic skills to the test by trying to emulate her photography. I instantly knew Alix would be the perfect person to shoot. The more we spoke and planned, the more Alix’s story came to light. She’d had an unhappy adolescence and shared her struggles with bipolar disorder, something I’d experienced very closely in my own family. I’d come to associate glitter with manias. As the project took shape and took on meaning, I asked Alix if she would write something to accompany the photographs. She sent me a selection of extracts from her old journals.


Photography: Jo Jackson

Styling: Jo Jackson with special thanks to Shana Morland and Vintage and the City

Model: Alix Hodge


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