#Gifspiration – Imperator Furiosa

Guess who watched Mad Max on her international flight!

While it’s undoubtedly a Hollywood blockbuster complete with a two hour long car chase, explosions, and damsels in distress, it’s a Hollywood blockbuster which redefines the role a male lead needs to play in saving the day.

In Fury Road, Max Rockatansky doesn’t finish the quest and get the girl. He supports a cast of female characters (led by the badass Imperator Furiosa) in their journey to self liberation.

Perhaps a step towards the kind of films Colin Stokes says boys need to watch more of? Check out his TED Talk called, ‘How movies teach manhood‘.








2 thoughts on “#Gifspiration – Imperator Furiosa

  1. I don’t see anything new here, besides Miller’s brilliant post-apoc aesthetics.

    The only novel thing about Furiosa is that she’s an action heroine that’s not sexualized. That’s far better than Black Widow. Still, he has no personality to speak of and no real charisma. She’s just tough. I don’t know, I think women deserve to be fully fleshed characters, not just tough.

    The film is actually horribly sexist. It puts women in the role of angels and men in the role of devils. Gender roles are harmful regardless of what role you’re in.


    • Hey! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I agree – the film definitely doesn’t rock the boat much, and falls terribly short elsewhere. I find it interesting that in a lot of the Fury Road fan art you can find on Tumblr, people sexualise Furiosa in a way that the film/Theron doesn’t. Did you get a chance to check out Colin Stokes’ TED Talk?


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