No Modern Slave

Jo Jackson - @baobabjo_ - Kgosiray 1Jo Jackson - @baobabjo_ - Kgosiray 4Jo Jackson - @baobabjo_ - Kgosiray 2Jo Jackson - @baobabjo_ - Kgosiray 13Jo Jackson - @baobabjo_ - Kgosiray 11Jo Jackson - @baobabjo_ - Kgosiray 7Jo Jackson - @baobabjo_ - Kgosiray 12Jo Jackson - @baobabjo_ - Kgosiray 5Jo Jackson - @baobabjo_ - Kgosiray 6Jo Jackson - @baobabjo_ - Kgosiray 8Jo Jackson - @baobabjo_ - Kgosiray 10

I photographed fashion designer Phetogo Gift Kgosierileng‘s first collection called No Modern Slave. His label,Β Kgosiray, turns away from the Western fashion monopoly and encourages African youth to reclaim their identity and be proud of who they are.Β 

Photography: Jo Jackson

Styling: Phetogo Gift KgosierilengΒ 

Models: Last Born Pictures,Β Thapelo Maila, and Tatenda WekwaTenzi



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