I’m 1 Today!

I started Koeksisters exactly one year ago today.


My dream was for the site to be a digital window onto queer lives in Cape Town.

365 days later and, at worst, Koeksisters is more like a gorgeous place to put stuff, and at best, a fantastic excuse to make stuff.

It isn’t the go-to directory for all things queer in Cape Town that I’d imagined. In truth the website is an odd blend of LGBTQ life in the Mother City, loads of cool shit from the internet, and an often weird and/or dorktastic journey into my own head.


No matter how strange my baby looks, Koeksisters has created a community for me. I want to say thank you to everyone I’ve met through running it, to everyone I’ve collaborated with, to everyone that’s keen to make cool shit with me and has been a cheerleader (in real life and through emojis).

Here’s a random video of me talking:  

Hope all this “being out online” stuff is doing some good somehow. Or at least that it makes you smile from time to time…

One way or another, I’m fuckin’ excited…


(Like that time I turned 5 and had a badge and everything!)


Koeksister xx





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